razoo iphone app

Razoo iPhone App

The Razoo iPhone App enables you to manage your fundraisers and engage your donors. Now you can keep track of each donation, view your fundraising progress, ask people to give, and thank everyone who makes a donation.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Razoo iPhone push notification

Check Your Progress

Razoo's iPhone App allows you to receive push notifications whenever you get a donation. You can also scroll through your most recent comments and donations.

share screen on razoo iphone app

Grab Your Friends

Now it's easy for you to get the word out about your fundraiser. You can send email invitations to your fundraising event directly to the contacts in your phone. You can also share your page on Facebook and Twitter.

post update screen on razoo iphone app

Post Updates

With the new app, it's easy to post text and photos to your fundraiser's feed. You can also keep the comment stream lively at your fundraising event!

thank you screen on razoo iphone app

Thank Your Donors

When you receive a new donation notification, you can touch the "Thank You Button" to generate a thank you email for your donors.

Available on the iPhone App Store