Bo Lotinsky

VP, Operations

I want to make a difference by helping others experience the joy of giving so they can encourage others to do the same.

Bo started his career with FMC Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, before making a move to the 501(c)(3) sector helping organizations in their start-up phase. He has over 25 years of management experience, with almost half of those years in an executive director role. Prior to coming to Razoo he was the Assistant VP of Strategy for a video telecommunications company serving the deaf and hard of hearing community. Bo has enjoyed a fulfilling career with organizations and companies devoted to helping others.

Bo has a Business Administration degree from IUP. Originally from western Pennsylvania he now lives in the Washington DC area and leads the Razoo DC team.


Patrick Lardin

VP, Engineering

I want to make a difference by promoting and supporting philanthropy in the fight against social inequalities.

Patrick is a software engineering leader with a passion for building software and putting it in the hands of users. From definition to release (and everything in between), Patrick loves the chemical reactions you get when mixing the technical with the creative.

Patrick held a paper run in Montreal for a couple of years and bought a used Apple ][+ in 1985. Learning Basic and Assembly by himself, hacking, writing games and a 3D viewer for the 2 MHz 6502 chipset, he then took the scenic route and completed a Bachelor in Geology and a Master in Geomatics from Laval University, Canada before returning to building software.


Bryce Melvin

Senior Director, Finance

I want to make a difference by helping people manage their money wisely, freeing them to be generous to those in need.

Bryce has focused his career on helping businesses manage and improve their operational and accounting processes. Prior to Razoo, he served as the Director of Strategic Development for Aegis Business Technologies, an IT consulting firm. During his tenure as director, Bryce restructured Aegis' entire service delivery model and transitioned the company to a managed services IT model, increasing revenue and customer retention significantly. In 2010, Bryce relocated to Washington, DC and started a business consulting company. Working as a consultant, he helped several businesses retool their internal operations, streamlining processes and procedures. 

Bryce attended Florida State University and received his undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and finance.


Alex Kouts

Senior Director, Product

I want to make a difference by leveraging technology to help people connect with themselves through their own generosity.

Alex has spent his career navigating the wild seas of consumer software start-ups. Starting out in business development, then making the jump to design and product management, he has built and scaled software development teams on both coasts. He has managed over 40 products including mobile, tablet, SMS, API, web app, and native desktop. Alex has an MBA from University of Maryland and in his spare time he enjoys teaching classes in product strategy, campin’, rock climbin’ and wood workin'.


Ghazal Vaghedi

Director, Nonprofit Partnerships

I want to help nonprofits realize their potential in the digital space to more effectively recruit, engage, and cultivate donors by using technology effectively.

Ghazal has been working with nonprofits her entire career, helping them develop and implement multi-channel fundraising campaigns. Prior to Razoo, she spent the last five years as the Head of Market Development for Engaging Networks, a leading global technology platform serving the nonprofit sector. At Engaging Networks, she oversaw business development and client services helping the company significantly grow its North American footprint. Ghazal also worked for nearly four years as Associate Director of Development at Refugees International. She has a Master in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.