No-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Dedicated to the relief of suffering.

Hearts United for Animals takes in the lost, afraid, and abused creatures and provides everything possible to relieve their suffering, restore their health, and most of all love to restore their spirits.

Our shelter is located on over 60 acres of farmland in Southest Nebraska - only an hour away from Lincoln. The location, our dedication to ending puppy mills and our no-kill mission made HUA the perfect place to go for 19 dogs rescued in mid-April 2013 from a Lancaster County puppy mill. They are named after rock stars, because that is what they are for having survived such awful conditions. They are all sweet, amazing dogs who are so happy to be rescued, cared for and loved.

There are five housing areas for our animals that are temperature controlled year round. Many large play and exercise yards are used daily for our dogs and all of the larger ones in permanent housing areas have indoor/outdoor runs.

Our cats enjoy their special trail system of ramps and catwalks high around their area, many play towers, huge windows for sunning themselves or just looking at the world go by.

Our typical animal population is over 400 dogs and 25 cats that have nowhere else to go.

Hearts United for Animals started as a grass roots organization in 1989. Our management team is comprised of volunteers. We remain a grass roots organization.

Hearts United for Animals provides the best for our animals as they await their forever home. They are given the best food, veterinary care, beds, blankets, toys and most of all love. Those that are not adopted stay with us for the remainder of their lives as Sanctuary Sweethearts.

Yet, we are so much more than that. We are truly Hearts United. Our dedication to and efforts in Lancaster County run deep.

Over the past year Hearts United for Animals has spent $22,000 in Lancaster County for veterinary care and supplies. This sum includes emergency veterinary care for families whose pets were suffering from trauma injuries or other illnesses or needed medication and were not being admitted to veterinary clinics due to lack of funds.

HUA has rescued 31 dogs and cats from Lancaster County over the past year. Seven still reside at HUA along with many others from prior years who are living out their lives at the HUA Sanctuary, unadoptable due to behavioral or medical issues. The cost to house and provide care for dogs and cats who arrived at the HUA shelter from Lancaster County in prior years who have not been adopted totaled $42,500 for the year 2012. For animals who arrived from Lancaster County in 2012 the cost was $38,750.

Seven to ten animals on average are housed for Lancaster County victims of domestic abuse and the homeless each year while they work on finding other housing arrangements so that they can be reunited with their pets. The service, called Tia's Place, is provided at no cost. The animals are often housed at HUA for many months.

Since 2006 the HUA Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic has served over 500 animals of low-income families from Lancaster County, providing spay/neuter and vaccinations all for fee of only $35, which is waived if it is a hardship. The low cost spay neuter clinic operates at a deficit of $55,000 each year, as it is a chartable service provided for those who could otherwise not afford it.

56 animals were adopted to Lancaster County residents over the past year. All were spayed/neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and heartworm tested as well as provided any other medical care they needed while at HUA.

HUA currently has 27 animals that are fostered by Lancaster county residents. HUA covers all medical costs for the life of the animal. The foster home program provides care for dogs and cats that would otherwise not have homes and also provides companion animals for families that would face hardship providing for pets. Many foster pet parents are elderly or on fixed incomes.

HUA assists with approximately 800 inquiries per year from Lancaster County residents needing behavioral advice, assistance with rehoming a pet, assistance with emergency medical expenses, pet food or housing. This represents 225 hours per year of staff and volunteer time.

HUA currently has 53 active Lancaster County volunteers.

In 2012 HUA ran their own PSA where James Lipton, of Inside the Actor’s Studio on Bravo, featured the puppy mill rescue work that HUA does, assisting in shutting down sub-standard breeding facilities. Veterinary expenses from our most recent rescue of 19 Lancaster County puppy mill dogs are expected to total $20,000. Your contributions are appreciated and help to give so many dogs and cats their lives back.

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