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Union College empowers students for learning, service and leadership.

The tradition of showing compassion to those in need is at the forefront of the Union experience. The call to service is woven throughout every academic area. Many colleges simply focus on getting students out the door with a degree and that’s it. Union’s focus is on installing a lasting desire to help others through whatever professional field graduates may enter.

If you take a look at the ways Union helps it students afford tuition, you can see the depth of Union’s heart for service. Financial aid packages are distributed by merit scholarships over four years so that students and their families can make smart financial plans. These financial aid packages are made available through careful planning and gifts to the school from those who share Union’s heart for service.

Will you support Union’s tradition of teaching compassion and caring for those in need by considering a gift of $25 or your choice to the Union College Fund? Your kind gift will be used to enhance the areas around campus that can most benefit from it including; financial aid and student scholarships, Division of Emergency Management and Exercise Science, physician assistant program and the Division of Human Development.

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