Union College empowers students for learning, service and leadership.

Since 1891 Union College has empowered students for learning, service and leadership in the Lincoln community. Increased scholarship funding is essential to attract and retain students who are the next generation of leaders.

A large percent of Union College students are residents of Nebraska and have a long connection and history in Lincoln. Union has one of only two accredited Physician’s Assistant programs in the state; Union’s being the only one in Lincoln. A successful, competitive and high preforming nursing program is constantly growing and serving the community. Union offers a first of its kind in the nation International Rescue and Relief (IRR) program that teaches the skills necessary for disaster and humanitarian relief. With strong ties to the Lincoln community the IRR students, staff and alumni are always on call for whatever disaster may arise in Nebraska, the United States or abroad.

Project Impact, Union’s annual service day has served the Lincoln community for the last 32 years. It is the nation’s longest running service day and with over 90% of the campus taking the day off to paint, rake and organize for non-profits, community organizations and anyone else in need.

A brand new state of the art 57,000 square foot science and mathematics complex was finished this spring and will even better teach and prepare students in their field of choice.

Will you support Union’s tradition of teaching compassion and caring for those in need by considering a gift of $25 or your choice to Union College scholarships? Your kind gift will be used to enhance the life of a student on campus and in turn our community here in Lincoln and all around the world.

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