Tom Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

I want to give back by helping Razoo unleash global generosity on a scale never seen before.

Tom is a software and mobility expert with over 25 years of senior leadership experience. He’s an entrepreneur who has run two startups with successful exits and held several C-level positions at companies both large and small. As an experienced corporate development professional, he has driven over twenty M&A deals in the wireless and mobility software sectors, along with multiple debt and equity capital raises. Tom was formally the CEO of Ecutel Systems, the CEO of Inciscent, the President of Metrocall.net and the Chief Strategy Officer of Smith Micro Software among other positions. He currently serves as a member of the Razoo Foundation Board of Directors, is the Chairman of Endeavorist.org, and is a Managing Director of Palmares Advisors.

Tom holds Bachelors degree in Electronic Communications from Western Illinois University and is patent holder for wireless network management.


Hongsheng Chen

Chief Technology Officer

I want to make a difference by helping people help others in a simpler, more efficient way.

Hongsheng's career focuses on building agile, reliable, and scalable eCommerce solutions to satisfy business and customer needs. Before Razoo, Hongsheng was a Technical Fellow at FedEx, responsible for its eCommerce online print platform. Starting with an early startup called liveprint.com, Hongsheng led the transformation of its application from a startup to a robust enterprise solution, from a customer-only application to a multi-channel system, and from a monolithic application to a full eCommerce platform with reusable components and a web service API. Under his leadership, FedEx print online platform experienced multi-year, double-digit growth and became one of the major revenue channels for FedEx Office.

Hongsheng graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a master's degree in Computer Science. He also owns a computer algorithm patent in 3D graphics. In his spare time he likes photography, playing piano, hiking, and reading. He is also a coach for a high school Rube Goldberg team that won 3rd place in the 2014 national high school Rube Goldberg Machine contest.


Bryce Melvin

VP, Finance & Administration

I want to make a difference by helping people manage their money wisely, freeing them to be generous to those in need.

Bryce has focused his career on helping businesses manage and improve their operational and accounting processes. Prior to Razoo, he served as the Director of Strategic Development for Aegis Business Technologies, an IT consulting firm. During his tenure as director, Bryce restructured Aegis' entire service delivery model and transitioned the company to a managed services IT model, increasing revenue and customer retention significantly. In 2010, Bryce relocated to Washington, DC and started a business consulting company. Working as a consultant, he helped several businesses retool their internal operations, streamlining processes and procedures. 

Bryce holds a masters in business administration from American Public University and attended Florida State University where he received his undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and finance.


Ghazal Vaghedi

VP, Digital Philanthropy

I want to help nonprofits realize their potential in the digital space to more effectively recruit, engage, and cultivate donors by using technology.

Ghazal has been working with nonprofits her entire career, helping them develop and implement multi-channel fundraising campaigns. Prior to Razoo, she spent the last five years as the Head of Market Development for Engaging Networks, a leading global technology platform serving the nonprofit sector. At Engaging Networks, she oversaw business development and client services helping the company significantly grow its North American footprint. Ghazal also worked for nearly four years as Associate Director of Development at Refugees International. She has a Master in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.