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Your contribution to the NLF helps those in need gain access to civil legal services and improves access to justice in Lancaster County.

Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Nebraska State Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) is a statewide legal assistance project and referral network. It was created to provide assistance to low income persons who cannot hire lawyers and who cannot receive assistance through the other legal aid providers in the state. VLP is a provider of last resort.

VLP assists people through direct case placement and at the Self Help Desk located at the Lancaster County Courthouse.

John sought assistance in a custody matter have the mother of their two children dropped the children off at his house. The mother did not arrive to pick up the children at the arranged time. After talking to the mother’s family, he determined they were homeless and the children were being bounced around from house to house. Their mother had dropped them off at a friend’s house and that house was not safe for the children to be in, due to drug use, and many calls to the police. Through the help of a volunteer attorney, John was able to receive a custody order where the children visited their mother in a safe environment.

A volunteer attorney assisted Nina in obtaining a guardianship for her three grandchildren. The parents of the children were incarcerated and were looking at lengthy prison sentences. Nina wanted to provide her grandchildren stability during this time. With the parents’ consent a guardianship was filed and the children gained stability.

Gerald sought a divorce and joint custody of the parties’ children. The parties had been separated for several months and had been exercising a joint custody arrangement. A volunteer attorney filed the dissolution for Gerald and the Court granted joint custody of the minor children.

Mary came to the self help desk with questions regarding a protection order against her ex-husband. In the past he was abusive and after the divorce he continued to make threats against her. Mary did not know what to do, but she was afraid that her ex-husband would hurt her. Mary was advised on how to obtain a protection order and the hearing process. Upon making an application the Protection Order was granted.

No VLP case is identical to another; these 4 individuals received assistance from a Volunteer Lawyer. VLP needs attorneys to assist clients as well as financial contributions to ensure that all Nebraskans have access to the system. Thank you for your continued support.

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Your contribution to the NLF helps those in need gain access to civil legal services and improves access to justice in Lancaster County.

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