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Your scholarship gift will be the turning point in the life of a young woman or man with limited financial means.

While the cost to attend Southeast Community College is much less than four-year colleges and universities, and even other community colleges in Nebraska, it remains out of reach for many students.

Your donation to SCC’s Educational Foundation helps ensure that every student who wants to attend SCC has that opportunity: No financial barrier should stand in the way of a student who wants to attend SCC.

More than 80 percent of students attending SCC receive some type of financial aid, a testament to the fact that financial assistance to attend college is extremely important to students. Whether it’s in the form of a grant, loan, scholarship or work-study, students and their families look for ways to ease the financial burden of attending college.

Students come to SCC from all walks of life. They are recent high school graduates with high hopes for a bright future. They are adult learners, many of whom seek a different skill for a new career, as well as those who have lost their job due to transitions within the economy. And they often are women and men who suddenly find themselves as the sole source of financial support for their family due to the death of a spouse.

Student needs are great, and their stories of struggle and perseverance tug at our heartstrings. With your help, students in all types of situations can take comfort in knowing that a scholarship from SCC’s Educational Foundation will keep alive their hopes and dreams for a better future.

Students know an education from SCC will help them reach their goals, but paying for it can be a huge obstacle. You can play a vital role in ensuring that individuals who WANT to go to SCC can AFFORD to go to SCC. Your generosity will help students lessen the financial burden of going to school.

Thank you for taking time to donate to SCC’s scholarship program on this year’s Give to Lincoln Day. Your donation is an investment in the future workforce in Nebraska.

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Your scholarship gift will be the turning point in the life of a young woman or man with limited financial means.

EIN: 510168407

Reports: Guidestar


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